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Electronic Arts Canada. This is the company that I currently work for as an Assistant Motion Capture Specialist.
The Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby. I was awarded a certificate and diploma in Game Art and Animation from this school. I was also the recipient of a Girl Gamer Scholarship.
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This is the webpage of Tze Wei Foo. He's a concept artist at Capcom, and one of my much missed friends.

If you haven't seen the work of Dice Tsutsumi yet, you're missing out.
He was one of the concept artists on Ice Age. I love his work.

I don't think Feng Zhu needs an introduction.

An amazing concept artist with crazy clay sculpting skills. Check out his
fantastic tutorials here:
and here

A fantastic concept artist for Walt Disney Imagineering, ILM, and Skywalker Ranch.
He did work on War of the Worlds, and Star Wars 2 and 3.

...cuz monsters are cool!




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